SMSF Audit

All SMSF’s must be audited by an approved auditor. The audit is set out in law under section 35C of the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993. Superannuation Warehouse’s auditors are qualified and approved to carry out all auditing tasks pursuant to the Act, and always keep abreast of current developments.

If you are a current or prospective client of Superannuation Warehouse, the audit service is included in your monthly fee – so you can stop reading now… or continue just as an FYI.

Audit check list

The Superannuation Warehouse website offers loads of DOWNLOADS. You can set up your own SMSF and complete your own financial accounts and tax return. However, your SMSF must be audited by an independent auditor – and this is where we can help.

Our team of qualified auditors will respond promptly to your auditing requirements and offer a price-competitive fee for their services. We charge a fixed audit fee of $450 per SMSF, which can be reduced (to around $350) if your work papers and supporting documentation are in good order. Please download the Audit Checklist below to ensure that your work papers are complete and accurate.

We have an Instant Audit Calculator that will give you a real-time audit fee based on your current documentation. If you’re happy with the quote, please notify us by email and we’ll get back to you immediately.

Instant Audit Quote

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*Please note that if your Fund has investments in overseas properties, the audit fee is fixed at $450

We are a specialist SMSF audit provider and we pride ourselves on our effective and efficient service.

If you have any queries about our auditing services please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

We provide auditing services to SMSF Trustees, accountants and financial planners. Click on the links below for more details specific to your SMSF audit needs.

Using an SMSF pre-audit checklist is a good way of ensuring that your SMSF is ready for audit.

Download Audit Checklist

Remember, Superannuation Warehouse’s audit fees are fixed and competitive. If you do your own accounting and tax for your SMSF, please contact us to perform your SMSF audits. Fill out the checklist above and do everything online. We use Dropbox or email to send documents across.

To Engage Us

Before engaging us for audit, you would need to read our Audit Engagement Letter which clarifies our auditor roles and responsibilities under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (the SIS Act) and Regulations.

The Audit Engagement Letter, signed by both the auditor and Trustees, will avoid any misunderstanding as to the nature and the extent of the audit. it should confirm the auditor’s acceptance of the appointment and clearly document the scope of the audit.

During the audit we will also ask you to sign a Trustee Representation Letter. We will then issue you with an audit report. Keep this report on your records. Remember, the audit report is not sent to the ATO with your SMSF tax return.

ASIC Auditor Number

All SMSF auditors must be registered by ASIC. Our ASIC Auditor number is 100113497 (Johann Heinrich Preller).

For more info regarding how we do audit, please watch the video below.

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Peace Of Mind

We are Melbourne based with clients throughout Australia. Our SMSF administration service is mostly paperless. This enable us to charge a fair fee, resulting in a good value-proposition for you.

No Advice

Superannuation Warehouse is an accounting firm and do not provide financial advice. All information provided has been prepared without taking into account any of the Trustees’ objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, Trustees are advised to consider their own circumstances before engaging our services.