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If you are a current or prospective client of Superannuation Warehouse you don’t need to use our Free Instant Audit Quote because the SMSF audit service is included in your monthly fee.

If you are not a client of Superannuation Warehouse, please feel free to use the tool provided and get an on the spot quote to engage us for an SMSF Audit based on the investment mix of your SMSF.

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* The audit quote obtained above is an indication only. Due to the increase in scrutiny by the Tax Office, more complex audits may incur a higher audit fee. Some contributing factors may be unlisted investments, unsecured loans and multiple or overseas properties. We reserve the right to increase audit fees based on the complexity or nature of the Fund.

If you are happy with the audit quote and would like to engage us for the audit process, please click on the link below for more information:

To download copies of the Audit Program, Engagement Letter and the Trustee Representation Letter, see the downloads page.

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We are Melbourne based with clients throughout Australia. Our SMSF administration service is mostly paperless. This enable us to charge a fair fee, resulting in a good value-proposition for you.

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Superannuation Warehouse is an accounting firm and do not provide financial advice. All information provided has been prepared without taking into account any of the Trustees’ objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, Trustees are advised to consider their own circumstances before engaging our services.