SMSF packages

  • Up to 3 bank accounts or term deposits with any bank or credit union

  • Bank account or term deposit with any bank or credit union
  • Use any broker
  • Managed funds
  • Investment properties
  • Precious metals
  • Any other allowable investment

Fixed monthly fees

We provide an efficient service by cutting out unnecessary paperwork. We request that you supply us with a soft copy of your SMSF bank statements and share trading account statements at the end of the financial year. We then either upload or re-enter the data into our accounting system and prepare the SMSF Financial Statements and SMSF Tax Return. It’s electronic, it’s paperless, and it’s just one of the many reasons we’re able to offer you the best SMSF service at the most reasonable price.

Where you invest and how you run your SMSF is entirely up to you. Be mindful that being a Trustee of an SMSF is a responsible position. However, Superannuation Warehouse is here to assist you in every way we can. We execute the SMSF set-up and carry out all the annual administrative functions, i.e. preparing the SMSF Financial Accounts, calculating the tax, arranging for the audit and submitting a tax return for your SMSF, leaving you as a Trustee of the SMSF to focus on what to invest in for your long-term retirement benefit.

Audit fee is included in our service

As part of the SMSF set-up process, Superannuation Warehouse will apply for an ABN and a TFN for your Fund. On an annual basis, we prepare the SMSF Financial Statements, prepare the SMSF annaul tax return, and arrange your SMSF audit. All these functions are covered by your fixed monthly fee.

Your annual SMSF audit is carried out by an auditor appointed and paid for on your behalf by Superannuation Warehouse. The audit fee is included in the monthly cost – no extra audit fee is charged. The cost to you is therefore a fixed monthly amount. This is the best value SMSF package in Australia! If you want to proceed with setting up an SMSF, please click here.

  • S Park

    Hi. I want to start a SMSF and only invest in Aust. shares using Comsec. I would expect to only trade minimally, perhaps once every 1-2 months. Which package is the best for me? Thankyou

    • superannuationwarehouse

      The fees we charge is dependent on the type of investments you have.

      For a bank account and a broker accounts allowing the Fund to trade shares, the monthly fee is $79. This equates to $950 a year. The fee options are explained here:


  • Michelle Carr

    Hi, I want to start a SMSF for an investment property. I was thinking the Basic package would suit. Your thoughts?

    • superannuationwarehouse


      The $39 is if an SMSF has a basic structure of bank accounts only. The accounting and tax process is relatively simple as the Fund will only receive interest income for the year.
      When the Fund purchase property, the accounting, tax and audit functions become more complex. For example, there’s asset valuations, rental income and operating expenses to take into account, to name a few. To compensate for this additional complexity, we charge a higher accounting fee. Therefore the fee is $79.
      What you can do is set your fund up as $39 until a property is purchased. From this point forward, the fee we charge will increase to $79. This lower fee will give your Fund the opportunity to save as much you can in the Fund in order to purchase the property. We believe this is fair and we will work with you for the best outcome in your SMSF.


      • Michelle Carr

        Ok great. I have Super in 3 x different funds, do I need to transfer or can this be managed by Warehouse?

  • Sky

    The tax return & audit are probably the very basics of running a smsf, how about the hundreds of ever changing super/pension fund rules, how does one know & kept up to date ?!

  • Javed Shaik

    Hi, I would like to set up SMSF for mine and a friend’s account. I would just like to avail set up and audit services only as Iam a CPA myself (will do accounting by myself). Also the investment would be in overseas realestate. Please feel free to email me on

  • Mike

    Can you please tell me how long it will take to set up a new SMSF using your service.

    I wish to invest in shares amongst other things. The way I understand it is you charge $59 per month if I use Halifax Brokerage Services, otherwise $79 per month?

    How secure are the assets purchased through Halifax. Are they in the name of the SMSF or broker sponsored?

    • Hein Preller


      We will set up a Fund usually on the day we receive the application. The ATO will issue the ABN for the new Fund (makes it legally set up) and although this is usually done on the same day, this can take up to 28 days for the ATO to process:

      We do not use Halifax as a preferred supplier any more. However, you can still use them as a broker if you want. We have therefore done away with the $59 option, so its $79 if you trade via them or any other broker. Halifax will hold the shares on your behalf so you will not have a HIN if you trade through them. More on the Halifax offering here:


  • Mike

    Hein, how soon after receiving an ABN can the SMSF perform an investment transaction?

  • Mike

    Hein, I understand that you can open up a Macquarie Bank Account as part of the service?

    At what stage does the Trust Deed and Trustees etc. have to be formalised?

    • superannuationwarehouse


      As part of the set-up function we perform, we will ensure an ABN is issued all all permanent files are issued. This includes the Trust Deed. If you want a Macquarie bank account, we set this up as well.

      Keep well,

  • Jose Hernandez Coca

    Hein, I wish to invest in precious metals only, can I use the $39 option?

    • superannuationwarehouse


      The $39 option is for bank accounts and term deposits only.

      For all other assets, there’s extra accounting tasks involved, for example buys, sells, valuations, storage fees and existence of the asset at year end. The auditor we use charge us extra for assets other than bank accounts, hence the higher fee. As an FYI, we have to get an external audit performed on each SMSF before we can lodge the annual tax return to the ATO. We pay for the auditor, and as his fees are higher for non-cash investments, we in turn charge a higher monthly fee.

      Trust this makes sense.

      • Jose Hernandez Coca

        Hi Hein,

        Fantastic, thanks for the clarification. Can you confirm that I will be able to store the precious metals wherever I choose and that it is not mandatory to have the assets insured.

        Also, will I be able to request my present superannuation fund provider to directly rollover my entire account holdings to the SMSF?

        • superannuationwarehouse


          When storing metals belonging to an SMSF, you should protect the assets of the SMSF to the best of your ability. Trustees usually use a safe deposit facility or lock it up in a safe. Its not compulsory to have it insured, unlike when an asset is classified as a collectible, in which case insurance is required. More on precious metals in an SMSF here:

          You can roll part or all of your super to the new SMSF. When you decide to roll all the super you have to the SMSF, request a whole of balance transfer from the retail Fund. We provide some helpful hints and tips on the roll-over process here:

          Keep well,

  • Kyle Cameron

    Hi – I am looking at setting up a SMSF and I was looking to purchase a apartment in Thailand for around the 150K price bracket. what sort of annual return would I have to receive to make that a legal purchase and what issues will I have if it remains unoccupied for 12 months at any stage???

    • Hein Preller


      There is no legislated minimum or maximum asset yields prescribed or suggested. As Trustee of an SMSF, you need to act in your own best interest.

      The test setting general guidance when investing is the Sole Purpose test. This means all assets must be made to provide for your long-term retirement benefit. This can be revenue yields and capital growth. More on the sole purpose test here:

      Be mindful if its a residential unit, you can’t use it for personal purposes. For ownership of property overseas, make sure the SMSF has a legal enforceable right to ownership of the asset. See here for guidance:

      Keep well,

  • Craig

    Hi there,

    Can you trade American stocks and also do covered call options in this SMSF ?


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