Setup Costs

Fee Schedule

The fees and charges at Superannuation Warehouse are simple and low. Efficiency is our watchword. Our fees are one low flat rate, irrespective of your SMSF balance or how many transactions you make.

Our fee schedule:

  • SMSF set-up with individual Trustees – $350
  • SMSF set-up with a Corporate Trustee – $1,300
  • Monthly charge, Basic (Cash investment option) – $39 per month
  • Monthly charge, Advanced (any provider and investment option) – $79 per month
  • Monthly charge, SimpleFund 360 Online Access – $30 per month
  • Corporate Trustee set-up – $950 one-off fee
  • Custodian Trustee set-up – $950 one-off fee
  • Existing SMSF take-on – $475 one-off fee
  • Trust Deed update – $300 one-off fee
  • Bare Trust set-up, when borrowing for an investment property – $950 one-off fee
  • Additional Bare Trust set-up – $950 one-off fee
  • Audit only (i.e. you handle your own accounting and tax) – $450 (or less, see the audit quote page)
  • Annual Fee for a Bare Trust and Corporate Trustee – NIL
  • Fee payable to ASIC for a Corporate Trustee – $46 annually
  • Super Levy Surcharge payable to the ATO – $388 for 2014 and $259 for 2015 onwards
  • Actuarial Certificate – $280 (if you’re already in receipt of a pension and this is applicable)
  • To close down an SMSF – $250
  • ATO Specific advice – $280
  • Consulting fees – $280 per hour, phone and email or blog support is not charged for
  • Prepare a Pension Minute – $150 per Minute
  • Prepare and lodge a TBAR report – $350 per Report

Note on fees

Fees are generally fixed, but if there’s incomplete information from Trustees and significant re-work on accounting matters by us, we will have to pass on this cost to the Trustee at the rate of $150/hr.

Fees are payable monthly in arrears. All fees include GST. There are no exit or penalty fees if you decide that you no longer want Superannuation Warehouse to take care of your SMSF.

Administration fees cover the annual preparation of accounts, tax return and audit (we appoint and pay the auditor). This is all you need to run your SMSF. The only possible additional expenses are items such as bank fees and brokerage charges.

If your SMSF is set up on the 12th of the month, we will set up a debit order be deducted from the SMSF’s bank account on the 12th of every month. And, don’t worry, we perfectly understand and take into account the fact that it can take some time to get a bank account set up and funds rolled over from your existing Superannuation Fund to the SMSF.

What do we expect from you?

  1. When contributing to your SMSF, make sure you keep track of how much each member contributes.
  2. Supply us with all your accounting information at the end of the financial year.
  3. The best way to send files to us is via email.
  4. We prefer soft copy files because it minimises the need to re-key the data where there are high volumes. When there are only a few transactions a year, working with paper copies makes little difference. However, when there are copious pages of transactions, soft copy formats allow us to work much more efficiently.

As a complete administration service, we will supply you with the following documents for your SMSF at the end of the financial year: Financial Statements, Member Benefit Statements, Tax Calculation and a Tax Return as well as Trustee Minutes for the year.

Costs in an SMSF

Retail super funds usually charge their fees and costs before allocating earnings to members. When comparing returns of an SMSF, remember to compare the total earnings and total costs when benchmarking against a retail fund. See this recent newspaper article on this subject.

SMSF Fees comparison to a Retail Super Fund

Refund Policy

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services and you want to request for a refund, please email us at As soon as we receive your email, one of our staff will contact you and assist you with the process.

  • Andrey


    I am interested to set up SMSF with service in your company but I looked at your competitor who has free set up SMSF service plus no fee for the first year..Would you provide any of their discounts for my SMSF with your company service? If so, I will be happy to set up SMSF Corporate Trustee and continue having service with your company.

    Best Regards

    • superannuationwarehouse

      Your question is a good one so thanks for posting it here.
      ESuper is an AFSL provider, meaning they can receive a commission on the products they recommend to you. The investment choices will therefore be limited when you use them to a single bank account and a specific broker. This is a limited choice, but they are good in what they do and this might suit you.
      We do not restrict your SMSF to a suite of products and only receive income from the accounting fee you pay. We do not receive commissions from banks and brokers. You can therefore shop around and use the best bank and broker, most suitable to your needs. You can even invest in overseas assets, precious metals or overseas property. We do not impose restrictions as we are not bound by commissions.
      Therefore, the fees we charge is different to ESuper.
      Trust this answer your question.

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We are Melbourne based with clients throughout Australia. Our SMSF administration service is mostly paperless. This enable us to charge a fair fee, resulting in a good value-proposition for you.

No Advice

Superannuation Warehouse is an accounting firm and do not provide financial advice. All information provided has been prepared without taking into account any of the Trustees’ objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of that, Trustees are advised to consider their own circumstances before engaging our services.