Insurance is a vital protection for your family and your assets. Insurance premiums can be paid by an SMSF on behalf of the Fund’s beneficiaries (members). As the recent changes being introduced by the ATO, it is compulsory for Trustees to give consideration whether they should hold a contract of insurance that provides insurance cover for one or more members of the Fund. It is the Trustee’s responsibility to select an insurance policy that best suits the Trustee’s needs.

There are 3 types of insurance policies as listed below the SMSF can purchase for its members:

  • Life insurance
  • Total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance
  •  Income protection insurance (the income protection insurance in the SMSF does not include redundancy cover)

To be able to claim the insurance in the SMSF, one of the following condition of release must be met:

  • Death of a member
  • A terminal medical condition
  • Permanent incapacity
  • Temporary incapacity


Tax Considerations

It is worth noting that although Life Insurance premiums are not deductible in a personal capacity as an income tax expense, they are deductible as a tax expense in an SMSF.


Below are some examples of Insurance Providers:

Please note that the Trustees are responsible for choosing an Insurance Provider that is best suited to the Trustee’s needs. Superannuation Warehouse does not give any recommendations as to which Insurance Provider the Trustees should utilise.

1.  Countrywide Advice – specialise in SMSF insurance. More details on their insurance offerings here:

Insurance Products Insurance Review Release Form

Gary Decru is the contact at Countrywide Advice. To give them authority to request your insurance information, sign the attached release form. Gary’s contact details are 03 87408702 or 0411851917 with email to discuss your insurance needs.


2. Australian Group Insurance – Your SMSF will pay the insurance premiums on your behalf.  Use the SMSF provider code AUS005 to apply for a new policy at

An online application will take you about five minutes and you will receive an immediate decision. The insurance plan provides Death and TPD cover up to $1.25 million and Income Protection up to $10,000 per month. You can also transfer existing insurance cover (up to certain limits) from your retail policies and super funds.

Online Insurance Quote


3. Other insurance brokers – Trustees can use a bank or insurance broker of their choice to take out an insurance policy for their SMSF.



Superannuation Warehouse may receive an upfront and trailing commission from the Insurance Providers noted above.

For more info relating to insurance, please watch the video below.

For more information on transferring benefits into your SMSF, please see here.


  • mark hobson

    I have looked on your site re life insurance. HEST and
    Australia Super do not offer insurance out of super. Can you advise a
    list of who does?

  • superannuationwarehouse


    To be able to have the insurance with a Retail Super Fund such as HEST or Australia Super, you need to be a Member of the relevant Fund. Some people keep a retail fund open in addition to their SMSF for insurance purposes.

    We offer an insurance option from AIG for our clients. This is a wholesale policy and the SMSF will pay for the premium. If you put in our adviser code (see website for details) , your SMSF will get access to this policy with AIG. AIG is one of the biggest insurers and this is a great option.

    In addition to this, you can also consider insurance offering by the banks – just remember to have the policy in the name of the SMSF.

  • ME

    I am the director of my SMSF, Does that automatically make me a member of my SMSF or I need to complete an application to become a member of my own SMSF?

    • Superannuation Warehouse


      You can’t be a Director of an SMSF. However, you can be the sole Director of a Corporate Trustee that acts as Trustee for the SMSF.

      Make sure the Deed reflects the same info regarding the SMSF and Corporate Trustee. Also, its good practice to have a set of permanent files that include a Member Application. We set this up for our clients and show a template here:

      Keep well,

  • Frederic

    Hi, How do I “roll over” my retail super insurances in my smsf? Thanks

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