Macquarie SMSF Bank Account

We prefer the Funds we administer to set up a Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA). This is a dedicated SMSF bank account that acts as a hub, or transaction account, for your Fund.

Having an SMSF with a Macquarie CMA account has a number of advantages, including:

  • no account keeping fees
  • Superannuation Warehouse can debit your Fund’s monthly fee from this bank account
  • deposits can be made at any NAB branch – use BSB 182512
  • cheque book facility available with this account
  • Superannuation Warehouse can view your account at year end to prepare financial accounts and tax returns

To view the account specifications, click on the button below:

Macquarie CMA Bank Account

If you have an existing Macquarie bank account and would like to contact Macquarie directly, you can call the number:

1800 806 310

Alternatively, you can submit an online enquiry by clicking on the button below:

When your new SMSF is set up, we’ll initiate the bank account opening as well. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to open a Macquarie bank account at any other time. Banks might ask Trustees to identify Trustee’s identities and we can certify Trust Deeds when requested by banks or brokers.

Depositing Cheques

Generally use internet banking or to deposit paper cheques, go to any NAB branch or mail it to Macquarie at:

Macquarie Bank Limited, GPO Box 2520, Sydney NSW 2001

together with a cash-deposit-receipt.

Closing down or withdrawing a large sum from a Macquarie Cash Management Account

To close down an SMSF Macquarie Cash Management Account or make a withdrawal higher than their daily limit, Trustees are required to fill in the Cash Solutions Withdrawal form and send it directly to Macquarie at:

To download the Macquarie Cash Solutions Withdrawal Form, please click on the button below:


For more information on SMSF bank accounts, click here.


  • Leandro Ramos

    Recently I needed a ASIC extract of my Corporate Trustee. The only way to pay for it was on the ASIC website was by a debit card and I realised I don’t have one from my Macquarie Cash Managment Account. Is there any other bank that we can have a SMSF account and issue a debit card?

    • Superannuation Warehouse

      You can use any other bank if you want, just be mindful an SMSF should not have a credit card.
      In cases like this its in order to pay the expense with a personal card. The SMSF can then reimburse you. More on expenses here:
      Keep well,

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