New Developments In SMSF

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The ATO has released a new version of the Trustee declaration which is effective from 2013. The updated declaration includes the following important changes: requirement that the investment strategy be regularly reviewed consideration of whether the fund should hold insurance cover for members declaration that Trustees of SMSFs are aware that they do not have access […]

Benefits of an SMSF

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By taking control of your superannuation through a Self-managed Superannuation Fund you can expect to enjoy the following benefits: Control SMSF assets are totally under the control of the Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for taking all decisions on where to invest the assets, whether it be in investment property, equities, a managed fund or […]

SMSF statistics from the ATO

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The statistic reports for the self-managed super fund (SMSF) market are published regularly by the ATO on a quarterly basis, to reflect the changes in the industry. This means that it would include all the details of the wounded up/established funds during recent financial years and an estimated amount of the assets held by SMSF’s […]

Steps involved in investing via SMSF

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Property Investment via SMSF Hi, I’ve been reading on your website about investing in property within an SMSF and I have a couple of questions. My understanding of the sequence of actions required in order to make a property investment via an SMSF is as follows: Set up an SMSF through Superannuation Warehouse (I would […]

What is an SMSF

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An SMSF is a type of trust, similar to a family trust. As a trustee and member of an SMSF, you have total responsibility for the management, investment and administration of your superannuation fund. An SMSF is quite different from other type of super fund because it is run by you, for you and any […]

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