Corporate Trustee Address Change

If your SMSF is set up with a Corporate Trustee and the Trustee changes address, you must notify ASIC.

Please advise Superannuation Warehouse of any change of address and we will adjust our records and update the SMSF address on the ATO records. We don’t have the right to access your records with ASIC. This is a separate process and you  should update this yourself  in one of two ways:

Option 1 – online

Go to the link below and use your corporate key to gain access and change the address of your Corporate Trustee online:

ASIC Online

Option 2 – Superannuation Warehouse to act as the online ASIC agent

As a registered ASIC agent, Superannuation Warehouse can perform the following functions online:

  • your company statement
  • lodge a variety of ASIC forms at any time
  • instantly update company details on the ASIC database
  • use a variety of payment methods

You can use your online access to check and change company details through the ASIC website located at and then select Registered Agents from the Lodge Online box on the right hand side of the screen. Refer to the online user guide for further details on the benefits and functions of online lodgement.

Annual company statements

Any companies that become linked to your agent number will have their annual company statement issued to you electronically via your online inbox. These statements will not be issued on paper. For further details on the annual statement process, please click this link

For more information on the use of Corporate Trustees, see this page.

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