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Active Super

If your SMSF has been set up, you can use the Super Fund Lookup Service to confirm the details of your SMSF.

SMSFs that have not lodged their Annual Return for 2 or more Financial Years may have their SMSF details removed from the Super Fund Lookup. When all overdue annual returns are brought up to date the SMSF details may be included again, but this can take some time.

For more on new funds and NIL returns, follow this link.

Lost Super

You may have more than one Superannuation account if you changed jobs. To look up lost Super, use the resources as listed below:

To transfer lost super to your SMSF, you can complete a Rollover Benefits Request. This form is regarded an instruction, and it will initiate funds to be rolled into your SMSF bank account. More info on transferring benefits to your SMSF, please view the information page here.

  • Andrew

    If I have a company that has an AFS license to manage investment share funds or unit trusts etc, can my company manage all or a portion of my SMSF investments whilst still paying the applicable fee to my company for the service?

    • superannuationwarehouse


      A Trustee cannot be paid for their services as a Trustee.

      However, if you do investment services for other companies and SMSF’s, you can charge your SMSF at the same commercial rate and conditions as other entities. This is on the basis you are suitably qualified to do so.

      To illustrate with an example, a plumber can charge his SMSF for plumbing services if the SMSF investment property needs this service. But if you work as an accountant, you cannot charge your SMSF for plumbing services rendered.

      So in your case – go for it.

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