Benefits of an SMSF

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By taking control of your superannuation through a Self-managed Superannuation Fund you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:


SMSF assets are totally under the control of the Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for taking all decisions on where to invest the assets, whether it be in investment property, equities, a managed fund or term deposit. In other words, control lies in the hands of those who actually put up the money – the Trustees.

Low tax

At 15%, SMSFs have one of the lowest tax rates of any entity in Australia. The great thing is that the SMSF tax rate can be reduced even further by offsetting other tax credits. SMSFs are allowed to control exactly when assets are disposed of. This means, for example, that if an SMSF acquires an asset today and it appreciates by xxx% by the time its members retire, it can be rolled over to an allocated or complying pension fund and there will be 0% tax to pay on the realised capital gain of the asset in question.

Free set-up

Superannuation Warehouse provides a free set-up service to make it easy for you to start an SMSF. We even tell you how to do it all yourself. Pure DIY SMSF.

Low fees

An SMSF with Superannuation Warehouse provides you with an extremely competitive fixed-fee structure with certainty on the costs of operating your Fund.

Asset protection

In the unfortunate event of bankruptcy, assets belonging to SMSF members are generally protected from creditors.

Retirement income control

An SMSF provides the highest level of flexibility and control over the distribution of benefits in retirement, whether you wish to take your superannuation benefits in one lump sum, continue to invest, or receive it as a pension, it’s entirely up to you.

Pool together family members’ superannuation

Designed for a Trusteeship of four or less, SMSFs are a great option for a family of husband, wife and two adult children who wish to pool their superannuation together and buy an investment property

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Hein Preller

Hein is a Director at Superannuation Warehouse, specialising in setting up new SMSF's. Hein's company performs all the annual administration tasks consisting of preparing financial statements, lodging a tax return and arranging the audit.

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